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Darkfield Microscopy

Darkfield Microspcopy is the microscopic examination of freshly taken blood. The darkfield blood examination is an appropriate test for anyone:

* interested in disease prevention
* desiring optimal health
* with chronic diseases
* prone to recurrent infections
* with questions concerning toxicity, (amalgam, chemical, drug, metabolic, etc)

A single drop of blood placed on a slide and then viewed under a specialized microscope (darkfield lens) enables us to assess the inner terrain (chemistry) of the body and to examine for healthy cellular function. Instantaneously, we are able to see characteristics in your blood that is consistent with health or changes that are directly impacting your health. This test is based on 60 years of research amassed by Dr. Gunther Enderlein.

Important information on:

* immune system health
* nutritional health
* excretory and detoxification capacity
* oxygen utilization
* ones propensity towards degenerative tendencies

is immediately determined. Even so called healthy people may have an unhealthy blood picture that if not corrected may in time begin to experience symptoms of declining health. Most importantly the test shows how well your body is responding to a chosen therapies. Since ones blood picture closely mirrors ones health, by monitoring and comparing blood samples taken before, during and after the implementation of treatment, treatment success can be quickly ascertained. This is a specialized blood test and does not replace standard blood tests, either by normal microscopic examination, or by blood samples sent to laboratories for evaluation.

The exam takes about an hour and is repeated 4-6 weeks later to monitor improvements in health.

**Dr. Robert Campbell is not presently offering this service at this time**