Darkfield Microscopy - Live Blood Cell Analysis

Quantum Biofeedback

The most advanced and comprehensive energetic medicine device on the market today, Quantum biofeedback, is an auto-focusing biofeedback device used by qualified practitioners to evaluate underlying stressors in the body. Quantum Biofeedback asseses the levels of stress held in the body by measuring the frequency signature of the cells. This revolutionary modality is based on quantum physics, which recognizes the vibratory nature of the universe. We are essentially made up of no more than information-loaded particles or waves! Using a cybernetic, auto-focusing, feedback loop, (much like an auto-focusing camera lens) reads, corrects and harmonizes aberrant frequencies in the body/mind.

Research indicates that stress is the cause of 90 percent of all illness.

Common effects of stress in the body are:

digestive disorders
skin conditions
hormonal imbalances
depression/mood swings
attention deficit disorder (ADD)
memory loss

As the body adapts to stress over prolonged periods, symptoms may disappear or change. The stress patterns are driven deeper and eventually manifest in more serious degenerative conditions. By discovering the underlying stress that we carry often unconsciously, we have access to a powerful method of prevention.

Some possible stressors are:

food sensitivities
nutritional deficiencies
toxicities (pesticides, heavy metals, etc.)
hormone imbalances
virus, bacteria, fungus, parasites
environmental factors (radiation, EMF’s etc.)
mental and emotional states

DISCLAIMER: This device is to be used as a biofeedback and stress reduction system only. It is designed for stress deduction and stress reduction. This device does not diagnose or treat illness. Only a licensed medical practitioner may diagnose and treat a client.


“If you were enlightened, you would be able to hear the vibration that is your own signature; for instance you could ‘hear’ your own DNA as a specific frequency vibrating in your awareness. Likewise each neuro-peptide would grow out of a sound (frequency), as would every other chemical.”
-Deepak Chopra, M.D.
Quantum Healing

“ConINDIGOusness would be curing people today, I am convinced, except that we diagnose disease too late, after years of stress have hardened the physiology and made it difficult for bliss to penetrate.”
- Deepak Chopra