I met Rick over two years ago, completely unaware that meeting would indeed change my life. Progressing through trusting to teaching to sharing to healing, our relationship has evolved and strengthened into one of lasting friendship.

Cleansing: It was over a year-and-a-half before I finally met Rick in person for a weekend of fun and healing (for this friendship grew through the phone over hundreds of miles). We had three sessions in as many days, each as unique and purposeful as the next. Our first session consisted of removing blockages and restoring energetic flow...

Expansion: After a brief interview, our second session commenced with breath work and led to a guided meditation during which I remarked that I was moving at the speed of life. The miracle for me in this session was learning to be fully present in my body and yet remain connected to all that is.

... Simply said, Rick Bastine is facilitator, teacher, healer, shaman, guru, friend and brother. More than anything else I realized that so I can be. And so can anyone.
- Matthew Schneiderhahn

Contact Us

Integrative Holistic Healing Center
2801 Rodeo Road, #C16,
Santa Fe, NM 87507
Telephone 505-424-9527

We are located at Rodeo Plaza,  down from Dancing Bones.  Also, on the back side of Silverman Spine and Injury Center. 

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