Heart Disease Testimonials

I have treated 12 patients for varying degrees of heart disease, and I have had significant successes with 11 of them. The 12th one did not really have any arterial blockages, but was so impressed by my description of heart disease that he did the therapy anyway.

I had one woman acquaintance who had a recently placed stent and I found out about her condition accidentally. I convinced her to do the vitamin C, vitamin E, L-Lysine and L-Proline part of the therapy. Four days later, she went to her next (bi-weekly) checkup at the heart clinic, and they said that she was doing a little better. At the very next checkup, they dubbed her the “miracle patient”, and this was just after 18 days on an abbreviated version of the heart disease formula.

I was originally convinced to read about the vitamin C treatment of heart disease by a friend (Terry) who told me about an enlightening personal experience.

Terry had come across a book that described the vitamin C therapy at a used book store, read the book and was very impressed by it.

He had a reputation at his church as someone who would take the time to discuss troubling issues with almost anyone, and so a 42 year-old woman sat down to tell him about her problem. She needed coronary bypass surgery and needed a place for her 13 year-old daughter to stay for a couple of days while she got the surgery. This was in the very early days of coronary bypass surgery when the recovery times were not nearly so good. Terry convinced her that the stresses of dealing with a 13 year-old daughter were not a good mix with trying to heal up from open heart surgery. He suggested that she really needed to find a place for her daughter to stay for a couple of months.

She agreed, and decided to look for a place for the several month time frame. She postponed the surgery until living arrangements could be arranged for her daughter. Terry gave her his book, and suggested that she read it and follow the instructions while she was in a “ holding pattern” waiting for the surgery. She took the book, read it, and began taking the recommended supplements.

About a month later, she had finally worked out a place for her daughter to stay. She packed her suitcase in preparation and called her heart surgeon to reschedule the surgery. The surgeon insisted that she get another angiogram, because in a months time, the blockages could have changed enough to alter the plans for the surgery, and he wanted to be sure to address all the significant blockages.

She went in for the angiogram, and went home waiting for the call to come in for the surgery. When she got a call, it was to tell her that the angiogram machinery had “malfunctioned” and that they would have to do the angiogram again.

She went in for the second angiogram, and once again went home waiting for the call to come in for surgery. When she got the call, the doctor explained that the angiogram machinery hadn’t really malfunctioned at all. What really happened was that the first angiogram gave a report that was so much better than her condition from a month before that the angiogram was ignored as “obviously faulty”. However, when the second angiogram matched the first, the doctors had to agree that it was for real.

She was told that she still had some heart disease, but that it was not as serious as before, and she no longer needed surgery.

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