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Mahabba has been working
with me for over 3 years,
with remarkable results. The
new Indigo takes the INDIGO quantum energy work to a
new level however... now after each session I feel as if I've experienced a total body "high."
- Claudia J.

Mahara K. Daniel, CBS (Formerly Mahabba Kauffman)


Mahara K. Daniel has been a certified Quantum Biofeedback Specialist since 2002, with a background in Oriental medicine and acupuncture, which she practiced for 7 years prior. She has also studied Homeopathy, Neuro-linguistics, Hypnotherapy and the Enneagram in her quest for holistic solutions to the modern challenges to health and well being. Schedule an Appointment with Mahara Daniel

Mahara uses the INDIGO Quantum Biofeedback system to help manage and retrain stress patterns, educate her clients on crucial information about stress and its impacts on physical health and mental/emotional well being, empowering them to make lifestyle changes that support a return to health and vitality.

Stress is created by anything that upsets our body's equilibrium physically, emotionally or mentally. We tend to think of stress as only being caused by things like deadlines, work and/or financial pressure, lack of sleep, family tensions etc. but it can also be caused by infections, past emotional traumas, physical injuries, vaccinations and much more. NIH research is showing that at least 87% of all illness has its origins in stress.

Common physiological changes resulting from stress reactions include:

1. Increased heart rate, which can over time lead to chronic heart conditions
2. Hormonal fluctuations which can contribute to endocrine, reproductive, digestive and mental disorders and also lead to obesity and diabetes.
3. Constriction of muscles and blood vessels, which may lead to pain, tension, circulatory issues, cardiopulmonary distress and asthma.
4. The suppression of non-essential life processes which affect reproduction, higher executive brain function, digestion and immunity.
5. Shallow breathing leading to oxygen deficiency.

The INDIGO system builds on major developments in the fields of bioenergetics, voltametrics, quantum physics, homeopathy and more. It uses similar technologies as the MRI, CT Scan, EEG and ECG; all of which measure the electrical activity of the body to provide information about the state of a person's health. Comfortable straps around the wrists, ankles and head measure Electro Dermal Response or Galvanic Skin Resistance, giving an accurate picture of the body's degree of stress or relaxation.

Over her years of study and practice in the field of Holistic Modalities and many years of Spiritual inquiry, Mahabba has come to realize the amazing power of subtle frequencies in establishing health or illness on all levels of being. She brings to her work a refreshing quality of understanding and empathy.

"I have come to understand that the most powerful healing comes from deep subtle internal changes in vibration. Until we start to become aware of the subconscious beliefs based on early programming (even from before birth), and release their hold over us, we cannot begin to truly reclaim our natural birth right of vibrant health and spiritual freedom. I have seen over the years how the subtle frequencies of the INDIGO forming a biofeedback loop with the whole energy system facilitate the unwinding and unraveling of the fixed patterns of belief that keep us stuck in all manner of addictions from alcohol to negative thoughts."

A session on the INDIGO is deeply relaxing. Listening to the INDIGO music (based on the Solfeggio six note scale) will give you these specific sound healing frequencies as you find yourself entering a deep Theta state (in between waking and sleeping) which is where the body does its most effective healing. And there is no better healer than the body itself! 



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