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Patrick Hall, Life Coach, Patrick HallAAHS, BSW, MSW, MBA, CPC (and PhD from the “School of Hard Knocks”)

Born in 1967 in Princeton, New Jersey to the inter-racial marriage of an African American professor PhD (Cornell) and a Scottish American hippie. Being a multi-racial child Patrick began his quest for an identity at a very early age. Raised in several diverse communities simultaneously and due to the separation of his parents at an early age, Patrick has extensive insight into the unique transitions that many youth today are expected to complete successfully without the proper support and guidance.

Often called “The Youth Whisperer”, Patrick has an almost supernatural gift for meeting youth were they are and formulating a win/win alliance.  Also encouraging adults to access their “inner teen/child” (usually the source of their confusion as well)…Patrick expertly locates the foundations of adult stress and mal-functioning.

The age old questions… “Who am I and what am I here for?” that face all of us led Patrick from a Skating Punk Rock Hip Hop street kid on the Lower East Side of New York and Santa Fe, N.M. to an amazing journey of self-discovery and initiation that has taken him (to name a few):

From an extensive culinary career, to bouncer in the toughest cities in America, to commercial fishing in Kodiak Alaska, to used car salesman, to construction foreman, to amateur kickboxer, to national onion broker (yes, onion broker), to door to door vacuum salesman, to convicted felon (best that you know upfront…ask me), to bartender, to Hollywood movie grip, to bakery delivery, to slam poet, to single parent of three (and mentor to many), to rare African dog breeder, to stand-up comedian, to Master social worker and Master business administrator,  to youth counselor, to  agent of change, to…..whew!

…..Finally, becoming a passionate Professional Life Coach and educated advocate of understanding and reintroducing the lost elements of initiation and rites of passage and promote the actualization of human potential.

Patrick is an agent of change whose sole (and soul) purpose is building self-sustainable and self-actualized people or businesses in today’s America (with a focus on youth) and helping his fellow humans navigate their journey in accordance with their personal dreams.

Dedicated to breaking the historical, societal, and internal constraints that often hold us back from realizing our true callings and formulating a life and a design for living that TRULY speaks to who we are, what we believe, our values, principles, and priorities… (not the Matrix’s).

Patrick has decided to incorporate his extensive life experience and education into a comprehensive coaching program that ignites the fire within, crystalizes the life you were born to live, and sets you on a path to actualizing all your many potentials and creating…

 ~ A Life You Love!!


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