Quantum Biofeedback Testimonial

When I was first introduced to the idea of the EPFX/INDIGO, I responded with both wariness and wonder. The wariness was because I felt that the practitioner would have to be really clear, and the wonder was that someone conceived of such a device. For the past couple of years, I have gained tremendous insight from working with Mahabba on so many integrated levels and healed deep issues with less stress, toxicity and amazing ease. I am very drawn to this kind of work because it represents quantum experiences that advance spirit in form. I very much appreciate this profound technology, its vast possibilities to track conINDIGOusness on multi-dimensional levels and the superior forms of healing for body, mind and spirit that elevate one's heart knowing. I truly recommend working with Mahabba because of her skill, clarity and commitment in supporting people at core levels using the EPFX/INDIGO. It's fun and fascinating too!
-NT of Durrango, CO

Our Practitioners

Dr. Robert Campbell, DOM

Dr. Dan Cobb, DOM