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Schedule an Appointment with Mahabba Kauffman, CBS

Please call 505-424-9527 or 505-780-0565

Integrative Holistic Healing Center
826 Camino De Monte Rey, Suite B-2
Santa Fe, NM 87505

session Information:

First session/evaluation (2.5 hrs)

Follow up (1.5 hrs )

Distance session are available

6 session packages are available

Scio and Darkfield Live Blood Analysis

This session includes the best of the most advanced state of the art utilization of Darkfield Microscopy and the Scio. This includes taking 2-3 live samples of your blood throughout the session, at the same time the individual is connected to the Scio. During this treatment, one can see immediate real time changes of their blood sample taking place on the monitor while the individual is receiving treatment through the FDA registered device.

1 hour session

Quantum Biofeedback & Emotional Freedom Technique EFT

This session is an option for clients who want to explore the core conflict that lies at the root of their dis-EASE. It is a potent combination of balancing frequencies from the EPFX/Scio that are specific to the mental/ emotional conflict and simultaneously using EFT. This disrupts the cellular memory that keeps old conflicts and traumas from resolving. Chronic issues, whether they be physical, emotional/ mental or spiritual cannot be resolved in a permanent way until the core conflict has been exposed to the light of consciousness and released.

Please, however, be aware that this is not psychotherapy or counseling in any traditional sense. It is a radical and simple way of touching in to the deeper aspects of stress and imbalance in the body/mind and allowing them to dissolve by releasing the energy that has been bound up in stress patterns allowing for deeper healing.

These sessions are approximately 2 hours and need to be booked in advance.