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Integrative Holistic Healing Center
2801 Rodeo Road, #C16
Santa Fe, NM 87507

Acupuncture Treatment & Herb Consultation

First Session - Approximately 1hr to 1.5hrs

Follow-up visits - Approximately 45mins to 1 hr

Herbal or Nutritional Consultations

Customized Individual Dietary Food Chart Testing

Customized Individual Probiotic Chart Testing

Customized Individual Vitamin Chart Testing

Customized Individual Mineral Chart Testing

Complete Individualized Dietary Food Chart, Probiotic Chart, Vitamin and Mineral Charts

*FAQ: about "customized individual" chart testing services*

Darkfield Live Blood Cell Analysis

This includes taking 2-3 live samples of your blood throughout the session to visually see changes on the monitor after taking certain supplements that would be of benefit. As the right supplements are taken, blood rheology improves markedly. Supplements include herbs, minerals, enzymes, etc.

Darkfield Live Blood Cell Analysis with the EPFX/INDIGO

This session includes the best of the most advanced state of the art utilization of Darkfield Microscopy and the EPFX/INDIGO. This includes taking 2-3 live samples of your blood throughout the session, at the same time the individual is connected to the EPFX/INDIGO. During this treatment, one can see immediate real time changes of their blood sample taking place on the monitor while the individual is receiving treatment through the FDA registered device.