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Individual Customized Testing Services

Customized Food Wellness Chart

Dr. Robert Campbell offers his patients individualized "custom" testing services which utilize applied physiology to identify which foods the patient should be eating at the present time. The first of its kind which goes through "testing" 5 pages worth of foods and substances - including grains, breads, dairy (cheeses, milks, eggs), meats, poultry, fish, seafood, vegetables (leafy greens, starchy vegetables, etc.) fruits, oils, fats, spices, condiments, teas, coffees, alcohols, chocolates, waters, etc. This will show your present "balance" and "imbalance" according to your constitutional "body type", hereditary and ethnic background, as well as any "sensitivities" or reactions to certain foods and substances. Enzyme insufficiencies will also oftentimes show up through the food chart. After the patient eats the foods he / she is suppose to eat, his or her constitution balances out and a new food chart will oftentimes need to be done again after they've reached their "natural balance". This depends on how well they follow their food chart and can be anywhere from 4 - 12 weeks to reschedule another test.

You will be given a copy of your food chart to follow showing which foods you do well with and which ones to avoid.

Customized Probiotic Strain testing

Dr. Robert Campbell offers a "probiotic strain" testing service which tests a number of different strains to see what is best for the individual patient. Years of clinical research and experience have shown that each individual needs certain strains of probiotics for their system and that there are some probiotic strains that would actually do more harm than good to certain individuals. This was discovered through clinical research and experience. Probiotics are sold in the stores with a marketing concept that more is better. If one probiotic has 5 billion per capsule and the other one has 10 billion per capsule, then according to the "more is better" theory the 10 billion one would be best. THIS COULDN'T BE FURTHER FROM THE TRUTH!!!

More is NOT better!!! The best probiotic for an individual is based on what that person needs and does well with. If you buy a probiotic supplement that has 5 billion, etc. but some of the strains that are in that specific supplement you have cause a reaction, etc. or if the strains that would benefit you best are not in their, then you're oftentimes wasting your money.

You will be provided with a chart showing which probiotic strains you do well with or need and which ones to avoid.

Customized Vitamin Testing

Dr. Robert Campbell offers a Vitamin testing service to test which vitamins are beneficial for you to take and which ones you're not lacking in.

You will be provided with a chart showing your test results.

Customized Mineral Testing

Dr. Robert Campbell offers a Mineral testing service to test which minerals you're getting enough of, which are beneficial, and which ones you are intaking more that what you need to be and which ones are necessary to avoid.

You will be provided with a chart showing your test results.

*All the above testing is done through Applied Physiology.