Dr. Robert Campbell, DOM

After taking your "Eight Treasures Plus and your "Free & Relaxed" my fibromyalgia got much better and now my energy level is an "8" instead of a 3 or 4. I had so much energy that I painted my whole apartment!
- J.S. Richmond Hill, NY

After taking your "Gentiana Compound" and "Kidney Qi" formulas, my frequent burning urine has stopped and I don't need to run to the bathroom anymore.
- G.S. Norcross, GA

After taking your "Bupleurum-Dandelion Liver Cleanser" - my liver pain went away and it doesn't feel as swollen anymore. My nausea has gone away and my energy has come back.
- M.V. Little Neck, N.Y.

The herbs you sent me "Clear Out & Boost-Up" and "Phlegm-Resolve" really helped me get rid of this chronic cold that I have had for months now. A day and half later after I started taking them I started feeling better and finally got rid of it.
- T.C. Siren, WI